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Published 1940
Topics mystery, thriller

Gaslight, 1940, aka 'Angel Street'

Tagline: "Patrick Hamilton's famous play brought to the screen - thrill by thrill as only the British know how!'

From IMDb:

Twenty years after the murder of Alice Barlow, her house is finally occupied again. However, the husband of the couple who have moved in has a secret which he will do anything to keep hidden.

Stars Anton Walbrook, Diane Wynyard, Frank Pettingtgell, Cathleen Cordell.

Run time 84 min.
Producer British National Films
Production Company British National Films
Audio/Visual sound, black and white
Language English
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Reviewer: miriam - - September 17, 2013
Subject: great concept, not so great execution
Excellent idea and a good movie, but doesn't hold a candle to Bergman/Boyer/Cukor. Better to watch the Bergman version first to avoid the plot spoiler.
Reviewer: JaneAustenFan - - April 17, 2013
Subject: Gaslight
Excellent movie.
Reviewer: Aintry - - March 1, 2013
Subject: Cinepack file defective.
The Cinepack file freezes at about the 60 min point. It's impossible to finish the movie. Too bad, because image quality and sound quality are fine up to that point.
Reviewer: sheridan1 - - September 16, 2012
Subject: Gaslight
A better adaptation of Patrick Hamilton's play Angel Street. The 1944 version with Boyer/Bergman is very good. This version is darker more brooding. Anton Walbrook is better than Boyer, and Diane Wynyard is equal if not better than Bergman's Bella. Excellent acting throughout the cast. The audio and video is very good. One of the BEST movies at IA. Enjoy!
Reviewer: OldHorrorLover - - October 25, 2011
Subject: Psychological thriller with one of the best Villains of British Movie history ...
Anton Walbrook (1896–1967) has the highlight performance of his career as Paul Mallen, and absolutely delivers an amazing portrayal as a man attempting to drive his wife insane. So well done, it is hard to believe he is anything but the self-centric, conniving and masochistic mind manipulator that he plays. Well acted all around, and so much better than the Bergmann/Boyer version of 1944. Watch the two and you'll agree. Cuddle up with someone special, dim the lights, and enjoy a psychological thriller showcasing one of the best portrayed, diabolical, and utterly despicable, villains of British movie history.
Reviewer: Deeceer - - March 30, 2011
Subject: Less Syrup, More Grit
A grittier version of the Gaslight story than the later edition, this film features generally strong performances from the leads and atmospheric photography. This was the tale that led to the slang verb 'to gaslight', as in to persuade a person they're crazy. Worth watching with the lights down.
Reviewer: slugs and urchins - - March 1, 2011
Subject: another gem
this was a very engrossing film and it's worth watching, but if that's not enough, then just wait until you see the can-can girls in the film! Their routine is the real thing and it doesn't take away anything from the plot! One of the better films on IA.
Reviewer: vitzli - - December 29, 2010
Subject: What a shame
What a shame it is that such a fine movie with excellent performances should have been completely overshadowed by the Boyer/Bergmann version just a few years later. Much as no one would want to forego the latter, there are still many aspects of the earlier Gaslight that are actually superior, chief among them the cinematography.
Reviewer: revdaddy - - December 11, 2010
Subject: gaslight
A wonderful film about a man how is trying to drive his rich wife crazy. Well acted if a little over the top. You know what is going on through most of the film but wondering how it will end will keep you watching.
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